Introduction to
“The Mermaid of Corfu”

A creation of pure imagination, “The mermaid of Corfu” was born in Corfu in April 2020. “The island of the Sun”, one of the most beautiful islands of Greece, Corfu inspires and gives life to this creature.

She makes us remember that during challenging times in life there is always a sparkle of optimism that leads us, sometimes with a small push, in paths of great creativity and gratitude.

“The mermaid of Corfu” is always there for every man on earth to make him feel alive.. keep him positive. Follow her through.. think about her.. observe her. In return she will make you fearless and believe that everything is possible. Because it is.

Dive with her into greatness through the limited series of winter 2021/2022 collection “Comme Un Rêve” “Like A Dream”. 

Be fearless. Be creative.


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